Sunday, October 4, 2009

Midtown Daycation- A popular hangout in Sacramento

Decided to leave the hills and head for the city. Sacramento that is. Trying to decide what to feed three kids once we arrived there was the challenge. Thankfully pizza was an easy answer. Popped into Paesano's Pizza in Midtown. Midtown is a quaint area of shops, eateries, lofts, coffee houses and more. A great fit for us. Outside the locals were walking in and out of places and it was a perfect day for it. It was a crisp, sunny, fall day, perfect for strolling. Then we headed on over to Broadway to hit some thrift and antique stores to peruse furniture, decor and more. I'm always on the hunt for that. Then headed back to the foothills as the sun was setting over the hills ahead us. All and all a nice day!

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