Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day

Rain! We've had alot of that here in northern CA. Sometimes we want it to go away and bring the sun. We get bored, we're stuck inside. I wouldn't want to do without it though. Rain gives life to all kinds of things. Rain cleanses the earth and washes away impurities. Rain is nourishment. Rain is inspiring! I know your saying to yourself -how is rain so inspiring? Well for me it's the smell of clean air as the rain swept through and left it's mark. The color of the grass turning green in the winter. (yes it's brown the rest of the yr. here) The wet dew on plants and leaves. Yes I'm inspired and thankful for it! I hope you enjoy all the pictures with rain. Thanks Lisa over at Destination Seaborn for hosting this wonderful Aspire to Inspire day! I hope you had something that inspired you today......

Rain brought to life the intricacy of this beautiful spider web! Nature at it's best.

Umm? If we had no rain, would we have such beautiful pictures in photography?
(this pic and below from
If we had no rain-think of all of the puddles we couldn't jump in and out of!

Just think- if we had no rain, we wouldn't be able to carry beautiful, colorful, umbrellas around!