Monday, November 9, 2009

Vintage Monday

I've always loved finding a good vintage piece to take home after a day at the flea market or antiques fair. Even the simplest piece can be an object of art in your home. I haven't had much time to do that in the last two years since I had my third child. But I do miss the fun of the hunt. I still have pieces around the house and even though some aren't used the same way they used to be, I still treasure them. I've decided to showcase some of my pieces on Mondays. "Vintage Mondays". This week its my very own market basket -its the one with the white linen below it. I've used it for many things-to hold towels, magazines, even toys. It's a great catchall.
View some great vintage pieces- and my own market basket

What vintage pieces do you have and love?

Friday, November 6, 2009

A brand new look

I wanted to see something beautiful when I got on my blog and I just wasn't feelin it. I'm not so up on the html thing you see and I'm new to the blogosphere. That sweet gal Nancy over at was a big help. We're also both Houstonians. How cool is that? Okay- I'm a CALI. girl now.