Monday, December 21, 2009

Oakland daycation-My top three favorite picks

1. Brown Sugar Kitchen

Maybe your mother or grandmother has a homemade fried chicken recipe that you loved. The chef over at the Brown Sugar Kitchen put all of that love in hers. I could taste it! I couldn't go without ordering some homemade mac n cheese with it. It was a touch of soul and a whole lot southern. Right up my alley! Yum! Yum!
Ok course I couldn't resist the cornmeal waffles so light and fluffy. Oh my goodness, they top them off with brown sugar butter and apple cider syrup. It wouldn't be breakfast without a side of their chicken apple sausage. Oh dear chef Tanya, if your reading this -I'm in love with your restaurant!
After the first two dishes the waitress brought us these beignets. She said they were on the house. I told her I would be posting about the food on my blog! I like my beignets with a cake like taste, kind of dense. I don't want them to taste like fluffy air. These did not dissapoint!

Oh and course as any Southern girl would do I had to order the grits. They weren't just typical grits. They had a light, delicate, creamy taste with a touch of aged white chedder- perfect for a wintery morning.
My husband ordered the quiche with slaw. The quiche was smooth and creamy with a great flavor. The slaw was not your usual mayonaise slop. It had just a hint of lime and was very delicate.