Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's All About The Coastal Charm!

I wanted to tell all of you about the party and giveaway that Linda over at Coastal Charm is having. Yes the new NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY is starting March 2nd. It is sure to be a good one with all of the creative girls out in blogland. Linda is also hosting a giveaway. It's not just any giveaway, it's a CASH GIVEAWAY. Twenty dollars to two lucky winners, to go out and thrift away! Do visit her as her blog is CHARMING! For any of you girls visiting my blog lately, I've been a bit tied up as I am moving this week to another house. I will be in and out as far as posting, but as always -I will be visiting your blogs to leave comments!

Thanks again to all of you girls for following, supporting and commenting on my blog!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Yummy!

Girls if the picture of this doesn't make you want for some fresh veggies, I don't know what will. I was on the internet and came across this great website- . They offer all kinds of pure, natural seeds. They are located in Bakersville, Missouri. They also have one that they opened on the west coast. Heirloom seeds, monthly festivals, beautiful birds, all things worth checking out!
(all pictures via Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)

While visiting the store in Misssouri, you can check out the poultry. There are chickens and various birds from all over. Look at the beautiful coloring on this Phoenix rooster!
They decided to open a wonderful seed store for all of us here on the west coast to enjoy! They couldn't have picked a better town to put it in than Petaluma, CA. There is some wonderful antique shopping in this quaint town. Why not have twice the fun while visiting the seed bank. They call it that because, it is on a busy corner in an old historic national bank building. Very cool!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day

Rain! We've had alot of that here in northern CA. Sometimes we want it to go away and bring the sun. We get bored, we're stuck inside. I wouldn't want to do without it though. Rain gives life to all kinds of things. Rain cleanses the earth and washes away impurities. Rain is nourishment. Rain is inspiring! I know your saying to yourself -how is rain so inspiring? Well for me it's the smell of clean air as the rain swept through and left it's mark. The color of the grass turning green in the winter. (yes it's brown the rest of the yr. here) The wet dew on plants and leaves. Yes I'm inspired and thankful for it! I hope you enjoy all the pictures with rain. Thanks Lisa over at Destination Seaborn for hosting this wonderful Aspire to Inspire day! I hope you had something that inspired you today......

Rain brought to life the intricacy of this beautiful spider web! Nature at it's best.

Umm? If we had no rain, would we have such beautiful pictures in photography?
(this pic and below from
If we had no rain-think of all of the puddles we couldn't jump in and out of!

Just think- if we had no rain, we wouldn't be able to carry beautiful, colorful, umbrellas around!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I could have sweet dreams in these.......

Bedrooms-a place to lay our heads and dream, or stay in our jammies and blog! I thought I would share a few I would love to dream in.......(pics from House Beautiful)

The soft neutral colors of this bedroom are so soothing. Even the sofa looks like a great place to curl up and read.

This room is so inviting. The colors are so soothing. Perfect for a beach house!

Oh so scrumptous! I could fall right into this bed and stay all day long!

Look how intricate this headboard is. Designed by Jonathan Berger for a master bedroom.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What girl doesn't want this?

Theres always exciting things to post about. But none more than this one. I'm just tickled pink about it! I've been nominated for the Kreative Blogger Award by Destination Seaborn. What more could a girl want!

As part of the nomination process I have to list seven little known facts about myself.

I live in a town that nobody can pronounce correctly. It sounds like Copper- op -olis.

I often get asked the question out in public "what are the ages of your children?"- Yes that little guy was certainly a surprise. But the best surprise I ever got.

I met a mom of a girl that my daughter plays with at school. We fast became friends. She has done alot to help me. All while losing her house to foreclosure, working full time, and dealing with a son who has cerebral palsy. I had a dream that when she found another house, I had a gazillion dollars and or some wonderful sponsers that helped me give her son an awesome new bedroom!

I learned that through my losses- I was taught many lessons. Yes with loss of any kind can you can learn lessons and be given new opportunities. If not for losing my own home and two investment properties to foreclosure (no I'm not ashamed to admit) I wouldn't have realized as much as I do now, that the best and most precious moments in life are free. I was able to move to a new town, make many new friends, and my kids are able to attend a wonderful, nurturing school. Life is good!

That 40 is a big number to my kids. "Mom can you believe you'll be fourty this year" straight out of my twelve year old's mouth.

My husband drives 42 miles each way, everyday so I can be surrounded by beautiful hills.

I'm always tired, but never to tired to blog!

And now here without further adue, are my seven nominations for the KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD...........

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Ivy Designs
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Lulu and Company

As a recipient should thank the person who nominated you and copy the KREATIVE BLOGGER LOGO.

Link back to the person who nominated you for the award (At Town Square).

List seven things people may not know about you.

Nominate seven creative bloggers and post links to their blogs then stop by and comment on each of them.

The best thing of all.....I loved this experience!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Since it's a new year I like feel posting about design. I've been talking about cool places to see and great food to eat. Maybe these beautiful spaces will bring out your design diva too! (all pictures from House Beautiful)

Natural and Organic