Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's All About The Coastal Charm!

I wanted to tell all of you about the party and giveaway that Linda over at Coastal Charm is having. Yes the new NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY is starting March 2nd. It is sure to be a good one with all of the creative girls out in blogland. Linda is also hosting a giveaway. It's not just any giveaway, it's a CASH GIVEAWAY. Twenty dollars to two lucky winners, to go out and thrift away! Do visit her as her blog is CHARMING! For any of you girls visiting my blog lately, I've been a bit tied up as I am moving this week to another house. I will be in and out as far as posting, but as always -I will be visiting your blogs to leave comments!

Thanks again to all of you girls for following, supporting and commenting on my blog!



Linda said...

I'm blushing...thanks for this AWESOME are such a SWEETIE! I wish you a lot of luck on your move...can't wait to see your new home! Yes...the double post is great...thank you:)


Melanie said...

Will you see why I can't put your blog on my RSS feed? I have all the blogs I read on that. Google reader is something that I don't use much.

Good luck with the move. I feel your pain:)

Kate said...

Hi Audrey

Thank you for leaving some sunshine on my blog today, very sweet of you!!! All my best to you on your move I'm sure it will come with lots of joy and I too am excited to see your new home. Thank you for the link to Coastal Charm.

have a beautiful week

Midcenturymadam said...

I know moving is no fun so I'm sending some energy your way and hope the packing and hauling is not to painful. Now you get to decorate a new place starting from scratch. Have fun with it.

Samantha2818 said...

Hi Audrey,
good luck with your move. Hope it's not too stressful and you settle in quickly. Make sure you post some photos of your new place!
Thinking of you,
Sam x

Samantha2818 said...

Hi Audrey,
just checking in as with you as you haven't posted for a while. Hope your move has gone well and everythings great with you.