Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taylors Market

Taylors Market. Oh so quaint.

Okay let's talk Taylors Market. They carry Creekstone Farms, Wagyu beef, Estancia and Five Dot Ranch. Yes we love Creekstone Farms. Okay, we do eat the grass fed, no hormone, organic meat and we go out of our way to get it. Of course we think it's better! One of my favorite designers, Tracy Porter buys her salami there. Oh and I can get my Mrs. Meyers kitchen cleaner there with the awesome smell of Basil. I'm a BIG scent fanatic. If it smells like I can eat it I love it. Soaps, kitchen cleaners, candles. I'm there!


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
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At Town Square said...

Thanks. I've been having fun doing it. I'm looking forward to adding some DIY projects. Keep checking back.